"Remodeling" this word conjures up thoughts of high cost, disrupted living, never ending construction, and the question of “Will I get the end result I really want and will it be in my budget?”

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Remodeling Magazine's top projects.

These are not ambitious, vanity jobs. All are projects that replace worn or aged home components, bring parts of the home up-to-date or add living space without expanding the home's footprint:

  1. Replacing an entry door with a midlevel 20-gauge steel door is an inexpensive upgrade, but it pays back 73% and greatly improves curb appeal.
  2. A midrange attic bedroom remodel involves popping out a dormer for a 5-by-7-foot bathroom with shower, insulating and finishing the walls and ceiling, adding four windows, extending the heating and air conditioning and improving wiring and lighting. The payback is 72.5% on an average $50,000 expenditure. More living space is being sought as adult children are driven back to their parents' homes by the shaky economy. (The Census Bureau says 18% of American households are doubled up now, up from 17% in 2008.) An attic remodel is the cheapest way to add space and a bathroom within the house. A basement remodel is the next most cost-efficient way to add living space, although code requirements for headroom and exterior doors make that project more complicated and more expensive.
  3. A midrange minor kitchen remodel pays back about 72.1% on investment. Included are new laminate countertops and new sink, faucets and appliances. The floor is untouched and cabinets are kept in place but refaced with new hardware added. The average cost for this is under $20,000 – less than what a lot of people would pay for a car.
  4. A new wood deck earns back 70.1%, on average, new foam-backed vinyl siding replacement keeps the house warm and pays back 69.6% of its $14,274 average cost. The average project involves 1,250 square feet of siding, including trim.
  5. Upscale vinyl replacement windows have a 69.1% payback on the $14,328 cost. The project involves replacing 10 double-hung 3-by-5 windows. The new windows are low-emissivity glass and are insulated with simulated wood-grain trim.
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